How it works

Learn how you can start creating videos with your own actors and voice over in just a few minutes. All you need is a script.


Select an actor

Choose from our extensive library of one-of-a-kind digital avatars to deliver your message and establish a connection with your target audience. Click on one of the actors to view a sample video of them below.


Find your voice

Experiment with several digital voices until you find one that suits your message. Whether it's finding the perfect tone or style, finding the right voice may help develop connections, give your brand a personality, and establish trust with your audience.

voicefind your voice

Input your script

Add and adjust your script to create your actor's speech or voice-over in real-time. Retakes and arduous editing are now a thing of the past, giving you the freedom and flexibility to insert new dialogue, adjust pronunciations, or even change your character's language, gender or ethnicity based on your audience.


Add some style

At Pipio, it's easy to jazz up your video or voice-over with a wide range of bespoke custom-designed backgrounds, alluring visual elements and captivating music to elevate and personalize your content.


Export your video

Export your digital actor, voice-over, or video to your favorite post-production software for additional editing or social media sharing. It's never been easier to create engaging content all from your laptop. Click the sound icon to the video unmute and hear your actor's performance.

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