Video Dubbing

Effortlessly translate your videos while retaining the original voice as our AI seamlessly matches the speaker's lip movements to the new language.

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Example use cases


Why Choose Pipio?

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Pipio’s Value Proposition

33% better lip synchronization
0 loss in video resolution
Higher language translation fidelity
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40+ languages
Takes minutes to translate
Industry-leading lip-syncing technology
High-quality voice clones that mimic accents, tones, and emotions
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Video duration must be at least 1 minute
Quiet or silent background
Face must remain unobstructed
Head and body in a stable position
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What is Video Dubbing?


Our video dubbing service seamlessly translates and replaces the audio in your videos in new languages. We automatically sync the speaker's lip movements to the new dialogue using advanced AI technology while retaining their original voice tone and inflections.

How Long Does the Video Dubbing Process Take?


The dubbing process's duration depends on the content's length; however, due to Video Dubbing being in beta and the influx of users, please anticipate longer processing times. We appreciate your patience!

How Much Does 
Video Dubbing Cost?


1 minute = 2 credits